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EYEspiration: Zeus

Een tijd terug kwam ik op internet al de fish tank tegen van de Londense kunstenaar Zeus. Maar na het zien van meer en compleet ander werk bij Look for Art in Amsterdam besloot ik met hem in gesprek te gaan. Lees ook mijn andere interviews in de serie EYEspiration.

Hij heeft zelfs Prins Charles geleerd hoe hij graffiti moet spuiten. Naast alle jongeren die hij kennis laat maken met graffiti als positieve uitlaatklep. Door THE FACE MAGAZINE werd hij al uitgroepen tot “3D Graffiti pioneer”.

Fish tank van ZEUS aka Dean Colman

What is a tipping point in your life?
I feel that the tipping point in my life is yet to come. I try not to think of how popular I am right now. But about the art I am currently working on.

What will be your next step? Because you have been pushing the boundaries of graffiti with more sculptural and 3D work over time.
I see a lot of the work I have made so far in my career as sketches for bigger work. I would like to do more public art. And I have always wanted to make a sculpture park that people from all ages can enjoy.

Why did you started to make the fish tanks and more three dimensional work?
The fish tank and more sculptural works really started in the late eighties and in the beginning of the nineties. But at that time I was not really ready to fully see its potential.  I went to Australia were I have been travelling for a year and when I came back I just saw things differently. I wanted to do graffiti where you couldn’t. But with sculptures you can walk around it and get a real feel for the energy.

Typografie van ZEUS aka Dean Colman

In what way does your formal training at Chelsea College of Art helps you?
At the time I was doing graffiti, and it was still a dirty word. So I wanted to go back to college to really understand art and mainly use the facilities. It also widened my view on the art world and the technicians really helped me understand and source materials.

When you look back at your career so far, what would you have done differently?
I guess if I had to do things differently it would to be more focused at an earlier age. But I guess that all that I have done has influenced my work.

What is on top of your wish list of what you really want to do?
I guess larger funded projects for a museum show. One thing on my wishlist is a fish tank that is large enough to fit a human.

Love hurts van ZEUS aka Dean Colman

In what kind of everyday situations do you find inspiration?
Inspiration can come from all sorts of places walking down the street and just seeing structures or from a conversation. When I have an idea, and it starts forming itself, I become very obsessive about it.

What did you changed, from habits to processes, along the time you have been working as an artist to land at the point where you are right now?
I think it comes down to the basics of hard work, social life has to be more measured and make the most out of each opportunity you get.

Who surrounds you and help you move forward with your work?
My family and friends are my main support. We all need a bit of reality and I guess they tell me the truth without any hidden agenda. Also Look for Art gallery have been helping me to take my art to the next level and help fund larger projects.

Love van ZEUS aka Dean Colman

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